【im体育官网在线】Ant financial,Alibaba ‘ s online payments affiliate,has completed a fund raising that values the company at $ 45 bn-$ 50 bn阿里巴巴该集团回应称,已在线缴纳分公司蚂蚁金服(Ant Financial)完成第一轮募捐,金额为$ 45bn-$ 50bn valuation would place Ant Financial among The world ‘ s most valuable profile去年小米的价值超过了450,UBER还报道说,在筹集过程中,此次募捐的价值超过了500亿美元。Ant financial operates Alipay,the paypal-like online payments company,that handled $ 778 bn in the year to end-June 2014,thethat is three times the amount handled by us peer paypal,and equivalent to one-third of the $ 2.5 TN in total global online payments last yes access据Juniper Research称,该金额是美国同行Paypal的3倍,相当于去年全球2.5万亿美元在线缴纳额的三分之一。last year ant financial was among a handful of internet companies given permission to open an internet bank,with the launch scheduled for next weetant financial ‘ s main shareholder is jackma、Alibaba’s chairman、while other shareholders include David Yu、co-founder Mr ma’蚂蚁金服的主要股东是阿里巴巴董事长马云(Jack Ma),其他股东由尹峰基金(Yunfeng Capital)领导创始人吴峰(David Yu),尹峰基金是马云的投资基金股权基金。

情报相关人士回答说,禹奉是蚂蚁金服最近的个人新股投资者之一。中国开发银行capital、中国开发银行An investment Arm Of China Development Bank、was another investor、According to A Person Familiar Wittor蚂蚁金服还表示,投资者也包括中国全国社会保障基金。


ant financial refused to disclose the amount of funds raised,nor the number of shares placed Mr ma has previously said that ant financial has plannial“we don ‘ t deny were working towards an IPO,but we don’t have a timeline,”said ant financial。蚂蚁金服说:“我们并不主张我们是朝着上市的希望发展的。

“AliPay was the subject of one of China ‘ s most controversial corporate governance scandals,When in 2011 Mr ma took it of Alibaba and placeMr ma claims he needed to do this in order to satisfy new Chinese regulations on online finance。Alibaba later settled with Yahoo and Softbank,The Japanese technology group that is its other major shareholder。马云主张说,为了遵守中国在互联网金融领域的新规定,他im体育官网不得不这样做。