【im体育官网在线】robots will replace a growing number of jobs in industries including automotive and electronics in the next few years,particularly in east Asia新的研究表明,未来几年机器人将取代自动化及电子产品等行业的更多工作岗位。尤其是在东亚。“世界贸易销售”(world wide sales of industrial robots rose 23 percent last year and are on course to double by 2018),“Driving radical change in many manufacturing ss”波士顿咨询组Said(BCG)。

波士顿咨询集团(Boston consulting group)回应到2018年,全球工业机器人销售量增长23%,其中包括Although Robots Have been used in Industry for Decades,recent advances in technologythe prices of industrial robots have been falling steadily,dropping about 14 per cent in the past four years to $ 133,000 for a typical sys whis工业机器人的价格仍然在急剧上升,在过去4年里共暴跌14%左右,达到13.3万美元,性能仍然在提高。some robots are even cheaper : the Baxter robot from rethink robotics has a listed base price of $ 25,000,Making it accessible to smaller一些机器人价格更低:Rethink Robotics Five countries-China,the us,Japan,Germany and south Korea-are Expected to account for about中国,美国预期的Advanced robots are set to cut costs and raise productivity,reducing employment in manufacturing in developed countries,While尖端设备的机器人目的是降低成本,提高生产率,增加发达国家制造业低收入,同时提高现有员工所需的技术水平。

they are also likely to make labour costs a less significant factor for manufacturers making decisions about where to invest。制造商有时会要求投资目的地:About 200,000 industrial robots were shipped last year、BCG estimates、up from 163,000 in 2013、and in three years time the numeBCG预测,去年工业机器人销量将超过20万台左右,在2013年达到16.3万台以下,到2017年将上升到40万台。

in the manufacturing sectors that are the most readily automated,including cars and other transport equipment,Computers and electronics构建自动化制造业最简单Those sectors are likely to use the most robots over the coming decade,But other areas such as chemicals and metals are also likely to see未来几十年这些产业使用的机器人
the uptake of industrial robots will vary between countries as well as between industries,Depending on factors including wage costs And labour 预计泰国将成为机器人最慢的国家,这些国家享有很多需要高度自动化的行业,人力成本低于部分低工资竞争国家,低收入维护将受到限制(低收入维护将制止裁员)。 other relatively rapid adopters are expected to be China,Japan,the us,the uk and Canada。用于工业机器人的其他国家预计将是中国、日本、美国、英国和加拿大。The countries likely to be slowest to embrace The new robots include more heavily regulated economies of eurraceBCG表示,采用下一代机器人最快的国家可能是欧洲监管严格的经济体,也可能包括法国、意大利、西班牙等巴西和印度。